Breaking news: Material Design Exhibition by Future Child Development Experts

Beykent University Vocational School Child Development Program students opened the materials they designed about children’s education in a digital exhibition.

Stating that the material designs of the students for pre-school education are exhibited in the digital exhibition published on the university’s website, Program Chair Dr. Lecturer Celal Gülşen, its member, used the following statements about the exhibition:

“Simultaneous development of children in terms of cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills is of great importance in child education. The importance of the materials used in education increases in the multi-faceted upbringing and development of children with an understanding based on multiple intelligence.” Unfortunately, we cannot exhibit our materials developed in order to give our students experience in designing the materials they need in their post-graduation studies, unfortunately, this year we cannot exhibit them in three dimensions. We welcome all our stakeholders to visit our digital exhibition consisting of images of our materials. “

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