rose to 8 teams at the end of the first eliminations Turkey Finals. 80 tournament, fought for the university’s team champion Turkey, 5-6 to qualify for the World Final qualifying round will be held in June. Teams that succeed in the qualifying round will compete in the World Final to be held in Spain on July 17-18. Detailed information is RedBull. at com / campusclutch.

Red Bull Campus Clutch, the world’s first and largest inter-university global VALORANT tournament, set out to provide university students with a unique experience. The excitement of the country qualifiers started in the tournament, which offered every university student the opportunity to represent their university on the world stage. Turkey in qualifying, showing the first 8 teams final success was certain to rise. At the end of the eliminations that started on March 22, the teams scanus, AYBU, Akdeniz Scorpio, DeSync, Nish-Esports, Halic Uni, Golden Phoenix and Omega Beige put their final tickets in their pockets.

5-person teams established in 80 universities, Turkey in VALORANT playoff game and they struggled to represent the university will continue until May 14. Turkey May 22 finale will take place at the Red Bull Campus clutch single game in qualifying, while the final will be played over the best three games. the team champion Turkey will be held between 5-6 June and representatives of 53 countries will participate in the qualifying round will be eligible to participate in the World Finals. At this stage, teams will compete on their own continents in a 24-hour live broadcast that will take place simultaneously all over the world. 10 finalists who are successful in the qualifying round will compete in the World Final to be held in Spain on 17-18 July.

The team, which reaches the happy end in the World Final, will have the chance to meet the best VALORANT players of the world competing in the VALORANT Masters, as well as a prize of 20 thousand Euros. More information on Red Bull Campus Clutch is available at RedBull. at com / campusclutch.

The first VALORANT tournament for university students

Approximately 18 million players play VALORANT, which has become the most interesting game in the gaming world after entering the market in 2020. In the game where teams of 5 people face each other, a match is set up over 25 rounds. VALORANT, which has achieved 34 million views of a single game on Twitch, continues its development to become the most played game. Red Bull Campus Clutch, one of the most important and innovative VALORANT tournaments in the world, is the first VALORANT tournament to bring university students together.

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