Mark Zuckerberg’s Spouse: Dr. Who is Priscilla Chan?

in 2012 Mark Zuckerberg

The media’s eye when changes his relationship status to ‘married’ on Facebook, come Priscilla Chan. Having met Mark Zuckerberg, one of the richest people in the world, at a party at Harvard, Priscilla Chan actually did more than being the wife of Mark Zuckerberg and supporting the world’s largest social media company.

Priscilla Chan, who does not like to be too mediatic, is not as visible as her husband Zuckerberg. However, the fact that he is the wife of a business person who is on the cover of Time in his early 20s makes him wonder about his achievements. Today, we know him better.

Priscilla Chan: Successful child of a Vietnamese refugee family

Priscilla Chan, Vietnam refugee the child of a family was born in 1985. When his family, who lived in China for a while, later settled in the United States, he could only speak Cantonese. As Priscilla naturally grew up in both Cantonese and the USA, Priscilla spoke English and was a translator for her family in their daily lives. There is actually not much information about Chan’s family today, as Priscilla did not like to be in the spotlight, as did her family.

Finished high school first, won Harvard University, and this academic achievement; It brought with it developments that he never expected:

Priscilla, who both played tennis in high school and participated in science and technology competitions, finished high school first and headed straight to Harvard. The post is a love story. Here, Priscilla, a graduate of the biology department, was crashed while she was waiting in the toilet of her party. That person was none other than Mark Zuckerberg.

It was decided that Mark, who violated the school rules with the student network he developed, should be expelled from Harvard. He himself decided to go to the college party one last time before he left school, and that night, after hitting his future wife in the toilet, he said: “I’ll be fired in three days, so we have to go on a date right away”

He is the medical doctor who is trying to change the world by treating children today. He uses his financial power to change the world:

After starting her medical career in 2012, Priscilla devoted the vast majority of her time to helping people. Then the charity company with his wife Mark Zuckerberg The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative installed. The two have spent billions of dollars together to support and do studies in medicine, education, equity, employment and the environment since 2015.

Even raising the bar, she and her husband 99% of Facebook shares (which was $ 45 billion at the time) made a commitment to donate it for humanitarian purposes. The Zuckerberg couple has remained true to their promise since the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative was founded. Chan describes this initiative as “advancing human potential and promoting equality of opportunity.”

Priscilla, who used her financial power for ‘change’ instead of sitting on the magazine agenda with her marriage, also supported many studies in the field of medicine. Priscilla contributed $ 68 million to cell mapping research and $ 51 million to fight diseases like Alzheimer’s. In July 2019, an organization that funds research on rare diseases Rare As One ‘ and treated countless children with rare diseases as a pediatrician.

One of the 100 strongest women in the world:

Having devoted her life to science and social welfare, Priscilla was “The 100 most powerful women in the world” ranked 53rd in the list. Chan, who has made pioneering work in health, science and education, has also become a great supporter of young women who want to create a career. Expressing how important it is for girls to discover the potential they have, Chan said in the interviews she gave. “We must not forget that we have a talent beyond your wildest imagination” it says.

Encourages prison inmates to learn ‘coding’:

Having managed to look at life from different angles, Priscilla; encoding believes it can change the lives of prisoners in particular. Chan went to a prison in Oklahoma in 2019 and Last Mile

He gave lectures to incarcerated women through a program called . The problem that Priscilla focused on was that prisoners were unable to find work after release and 70 percent of them returned to prisons.

Priscilla, who was a guest on the famous morning program CBS Morning, gave vocational training to the imprisoned women to 30 percent of this rate; He explained that with the “Last Mile” program, it could drop to zero percent. Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg currently with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative health, environment, equity, education and employment continues to produce, research and support projects.

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