Narcissus. com Distributed 500 HOT to its Users with a Second Campaign!

The crypto currency exchange Narkasa, which gave a gift of 2.000 HOT each to all its users who deposited Turkish Lira in the past days. com announced that it gave 500 HOTS to users who could not benefit from this campaign and deposited Turkish Lira.

Narcosa. A second campaign from .com: each gave 500 HOT!

Narkasa, which stands out with its cyber security among Turkish crypto money exchanges. com, as a successful platform that always advances with the aim of providing fast, easy and secure service to its users by taking an active role in the sector, makes its name among the Turkish crypto money exchanges. Last week, the platform, which prepared another campaign for those who could not benefit from the campaign of distributing 2,000 HOT to its users who deposited Turkish Lira, gave 500 HOT to its users who deposited Turkish Lira and could not benefit from the previous campaign. Stating that it always aims to keep user satisfaction at the forefront, Narkasa once again made its users happy with 500 HOT campaigns in the face of this intense interest.

Narkasa, which has listed UNI, 1INCH and HOT on its platforms, announced that it will continue to list crypto money. Since January 2021 the Turkish users of serving platform, easy as pointing to the presence in Turkey market and taking full points from the secure user interface. Narkasa, which has gained the satisfaction of its users with its effective campaigns as well as its good service concept, stated that it will continue to be a pioneer among crypto money platforms and continue its surprises in the future.

For detailed information and opportunities, please visit www. narcissus. You can visit com.

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