Popular Trader: These 12 Altcoins Will Explode Massively in April!

Cryptocurrency trader and influencer Austin Arnold names 12 altcoin projects it believes will explode next month.

Austin Arnold: Decentraland and Sandbox may rise astronomically

Veteran analyst Austin Arnold starts the list with virtual real estate platforms Decentraland (MANA) and Sandbox (SAND) in a new video. The crypto analyst argues that these altcoin projects will grow astronomically as the virtual real estate space becomes generally accepted. Austin Arnold adds the following to his comments on the subject:

The world is getting more digital and Decentraland and Sandbox are setting themselves up as big players in this VR virtual real estate revolution.

Analyst: The Graph Another altcoin with potential to rise in 2021

Austin Arnold calls his indexing protocol The Graph (GRT) another altcoin with the potential to rise in 2021. Austin Arnold adds the following to his comments on the subject:

If Ethereum or Cardano or Polkadot or any of these smart contracts DApp platforms are to be the world’s decentralized supercomputer, we will need a way to query all this information. This is exactly what The Graph aims to do.

Austin Arnold: Preparing for the rally at Theta (THETA)!

Another altcoin preparing for the rally, according to the crypto analyst, is Theta (THETA), which recently postponed its mainnet launch to June to add more features. Austin Arnold adds the following to his comments on the subject:

The reason they pushed this by June is because the company stated that the development team is still trying to include some building blocks for a non-replaceable token, or the NFT market for Theta mainnet 3.0.

Austin Arnold: Uniswap, Cardano and Ethereum are among the cryptocurrencies that will explode.

The decentralized exchange Uniswap (UNI) has the potential to explode as it offers features that will make it “much more attractive” to liquidity providers, according to Austin Arnold. Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency, also makes its way into Austin Arnold’s list as it garners more investor attention. Austin Arnold adds the following to his comments on the subject:

Big money will continue to swallow Ethereum as the barrier to entry has become much easier.

Austin Arnold emphasizes that Cardano (ADA) plans to enter Africa through public-private partnerships and is in a position to grow the fifth largest cryptocurrency ecosystem. According to Austin Arnold, these are good news for the price of the smart contract platform.

Austin Arnold: This is going to skyrocket in altcoins!

The crypto analyst then points to TrustSwap (SWAP), which calls itself the “full DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem” as another altcoin expected to rise in April. Austin Arnold argues that TrustSwap is the biggest supporter of the expansion of other blockchains other than Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Austin Arnold adds the following to his comments on the subject:

It’s great to see projects progress, and it’s not just BSC. They go to Avalanche (AVAX), Algorand (ALGO) and many more.

Decentralized exchange Polkastarter (POLS) and cross-chain NFT protocol SuperFarm (SUPER) are other altcoins that Austin Arnold says could skyrocket as decentralized finance projects.

Austin Arnold: We will see Chainlink and Polygon continue to grow

Austin Arnold also calls them altcoins with many advantages, as the decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK) and the file storage network Filecoin (FIL) are of interest. Austin Arnold adds the following to his comments on the subject:

Chainlink has officially integrated with Filecoin to allow Filecoin to connect to smart contract-enabled Blockchains. So, like any DeFi altcoin, Filecoin must be able to work together, connect to the outside world… They chose Chainlink to let them do this.

The interoperability and scaling framework Polygon (MATIC) makes it to the analyst’s list due to recent efforts to reduce GAS costs for users. They recently partnered with Ocean Protocol for lower GAS charges. According to the analyst, we see that the Polygon ecosystem continues to grow.

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