What is a Unicorn? What does unicorn company mean, which companies are called unicorn?

valued at $ 2.6 billion as the ‘Reset’, which was considered to be the second investment initiative in Turkey unicorn.

It was reported by Nazım Salur, Founder of Getir, that the company reached a valuation of 2. 6 billion dollars with an investment of 300 million dollars.

After the evaluation of Getir as a unicorn company, the meaning of the word ‘unicorn’ started to be investigated.

Previously, Peak Games was qualified as the first unicorn with a valuation of $ 1.8 billion.

So what is the Unicorn? What does unicorn company mean, what does it mean? Here is information about the unicorn. .


Unicorn, which means unicorn in Turkish; In mythology, it is known as a legendary animal that is believed to be pure and innocent, making a person immortal when its blood is drunk, and therefore killing will bring a curse.

The Latin name Unicorn is derived from the words ‘uni’ meaning one-only and ‘cornus’ meaning horn. The Turkish equivalent of Unicorn is Unicorn. Again, according to a legend, only virgin girls approached and can be caught in this way.


The term Unicorn was first used by Aileen Lee in the entrepreneurship world. In order for an enterprise to be qualified as a unicorn enterprise, it must reach a valuation of at least one billion dollars.

Startups with a value of 10 billion dollars are referred to as ‘Deacorn’, and those with a value of 100 billion dollars or more are referred to as ‘Hectacorn’.

Most unicorn companies are located in the USA and China. These countries are followed by England, India, Israel, Germany, Indonesia and Japan.


until May of 2020, had not any unicorn attempt from Turkey. However, Peak Games, the Istanbul-based mobile game company founded by Sidar Şahin in 2010, was sold to the US game giant Zynga for $ 1.8 billion. Thus Peak Games, the unicorn was described as the first attempt in Turkey.

Valued at $ 2.6 billion as the ‘Reset’ has been the attempt to qualify as the second investment in Turkey unicorn.

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